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Upcoming Events

March 12 - 14
West/Central CME 2020
Banff, Alberta

About Our Events

Our comprehensive suite of Continuing Medical Education events remains a cornerstone of the SOGC's work. By exploring the frontiers of scientific knowledge and practice methods, these exciting programs update and maintain professional knowledge, as well as evolve the practice of obstetrics and gynaecology in Canada.

Do you have a proposal for a Plenary Session, Workshop, or Enhanced Skills Course topic at any of the SOGC's CME events or future ACSCs? Please let us know! Submit your proposal online now

Submission deadlines each year:

  • Quebec CME - January 1
  • Ontario CME - February 1
  • West/Central CME and Annual Clinical and Scientific Conference (ACSC) - July 1

Save the Date

More dates and locations will be added as confirmed

 Event  Date  Location
 Quebec CME  October 3-4  Quebec City, QC
 Ontario CME  November 28-30  Toronto, ON
 West/Central CME  March 12-14  Banff, AB
 ACSC  June 9-12  Ottawa, ON
 Quebec CME  October 8-9  Mont-Tremblant, QC
 Ontario CME  December 3-5  Toronto, ON
 West/Central CME  March 18-20   Banff, AB
 ACSC  June 20-25  Whistler, BC
 ACSC (in partnership with AOGQ)  June 7-10  Québec City, QC
 ACSC   June 6-9  Ottawa, ON

Sponsorship is available for all events through our sponsorship and exhibits program.


The SOGC welcomes new and innovative ideas for partnership. If you are interested in participating in our conferences by way of sponsorship or exhibiting, and would like more information, please contact: adialessandro@sogc.com

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