Board of Directors

The SOGC Board of Directors provides oversight for the governance and strategic planning of the Society. Dynamic, skill-based board members are nominated and elected by the membership at large.

The SOGC has a vibrant, multi-disciplinary Board of Directors for 2018/2019 from across Canada:

Dr. Linda Stirk - President - Toronto, ON
Dr. Michael Bow - Past President - Edmonton, AB
Dr. Anthony Armson - President Designate - Halifax, NS
Dr. Hussam Azzam - Treasurer - Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Margaret Morris - Vice President - Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Elio Dario Garcia - Vice President - Gatineau, QC
Dr. Baharak Amir-Wornell - Halifax, NS
Dr. Jon Barrett - Toronto, ON
Ms. Melanie Basso - Vancouver, BC
Dr. Marie-Pier Bastrash - Montreal, QC
Dr. Amanda Black - Ottawa, ON
Dr. Michael Boroditsky - Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Cyndi Ciezki - Saskatoon, SK
Dr. Édith Guilbert - Sainte Foy, QC
Dr. Laura Hopkins - Ottawa, ON
Dr. Boshra (Sara) Hosseini - Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Laurina Leyenaar - Rothesay, NB
Dr. Annie Oullet - Sherbrooke, QC
Dr. Catherine Popadiuk - Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, NL
Dr. David John Quinlan - Victoria, BC
Dr. Graeme Smith - Kingston, ON
Ms. Rebecca Wood - Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Jennifer Blake - Chief Executive Officer - Ottawa, ON
Ms. Melissa Mech - Chief Financial Officer - Ottawa, ON
Dr. Jocelynn Cook - Chief Scientific Officer - Ottawa, ON