President and CEO

Dr. R. Douglas Wilson, President

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Dr. Diane Francoeur, CEO

Dr. Diane Francoeur Dr. Diane Francoeur has been a highly accomplished Obstetrician-Gynecologist for more than 30 years and as a fierce advocate for women and health care providers, she continues to serve her community as a practicing OB/GYN to this day.

Dr. Francoeur has been responsible for leading all specialties in Quebec as the health care system navigates the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic and understands the needs of women's health specialists throughout this difficult climate.

Dr. Francoeur was the CEO and served as the first woman president of the Federation of Medical Specialists of Québec (FMSQ), completing all mandates. She continues to work as an associate professor in the OB/GYN department at CHU Ste-Justine, affiliated with the University of Montreal and is a strong champion of women’s rights, physician’s leadership, and healthcare management.

She is a graduate of the Université Laval with a doctorate in medicine, completed the Director' education program at McGill University and graduated from Harvard University with a Master's degree in Health Care Management.

Dr. Francoeur's academic background has been a driving standard of care in her obstetrical practice and in the boardroom.

Board of Directors

The SOGC Board of Directors provides oversight for the governance and strategic planning of the Society. Dynamic, skill-based board members are nominated and elected by the membership at large.

The SOGC has a vibrant, multi-disciplinary Board of Directors for 2021/2022 from across Canada:

Board Mosaic
Dr. Margaret Morris - President
Dr. Elio Dario Garcia - Past President
Dr. Doug Wilson - President-Elect
Dr. Hussam Azzam - Treasurer
Dr. Amanda Black - Vice President
Dr. Lynn Murphy-Kaulbeck - Vice President
Dr. Graeme Smith - Chair Academic Council
Dr. Haim Abenhaim - Director of the Board
Ms. Melanie Basso - Director of the Board
Dr. Kim Butler - Director of the Board
Dr. Roxana Geoffrion - Director of the Board
Dr. Édith Guilbert - Director of the Board
Dr. Isabelle Hardy - Director of the Board
Dr. Brent Jim - Director of the Board
Ms. Carole Miceli - Director of the Board
Dr. Amanda Morris - Director of the Board
Dr. Annie Ouellet - Director of the Board
Dr. Dante Pascali - Director of the Board
Dr. Charlotte Roy - Director of the Board
Dr. Diane Francoeur - Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Jocelynn Cook - Chief Scientific Officer