Not your 2002 menopause

Not your 2002 menopause
As the population ages, women with menopausal symptoms make up an increasing proportion of the population. Vasomotor and vaginal symptoms in menopause are common. Additionally, menopause is associated with other changes including decreased bone density, joint pain, sleep disturbance and increased cardiovascular risk. Overall, menopause can affect quality of life, sexuality, self-image, and health status.  It is important to ask women if they are experiencing symptoms, since many may think that menopausal symptoms are just a natural consequence of menopause and something they must suffer through. Many may also mistakenly feel that therapy is not an option due to safety concerns. The scientific evidence and the therapeutic options have changed since WHI. This program supports physicians with the individualized management of menopause-related symptoms and conditions, in accordance with SOGC clinical practice guidelines, for improved patient outcomes.

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2/18/2019 8:00 AM - 12/31/2025 11:59 PM

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