A special thanks to our planning committee for helping to make this event possible:

  • Stephanie Cooper (co-chair), MD, Calgary, AB
  • Gregg Nelson (co-chair), MD, Calgary, AB
  • Jennifer Blake, MD, Ottawa, ON
  • Michael Boroditsky, MD, Winnipeg, MB
  • Michael Bow, MD, Edmonton, AB
  • Kim Campbell, RM, Vancouver, BC
  • George Carson, MD, Regina, SK
  • Sue Chandra, MD, Edmonton, AB
  • Cyndi Ciezki, MD, Saskatoon, SK
  • Virginia Clark, MD, Golden, BC
  • Sarah Fung, MD, Surrey, BC
  • Boshra Hosseini, MD, Winnipeg, MB
  • Jo-Ann Johnson, MD, Calgary, AB
  • Nancy Kent, MD, Vancouver, BC
  • Verena Kuret, MD, Calgary, AB
  • Alexandra, Schepansky, MD, Edmonton, AB
  • Leslie Sundby, RN, Nanaimo, BC