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A special thanks to our planning committee for helping to make this event possible:

  • Anthony Armson (SOGC President, co-chair), MD, Halifax, NS
  • Constance Nasello (co-chair), MD, Chatham, ON
  • Nagu Atmuri, MD, Smiths Falls, ON
  • Jon Barrett, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Sandra Biem, MD, Beaconsfield, QC
  • Amanda Black, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Jennifer Blake, MD, Ottawa, ON
  • Nicolette Caccia, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Nadine Doris, MD, Ottawa, ON
  • Naana Jumah, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Akanksha Kulshreshtha, Brampton, ON
  • Jamie Kroft, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Kim Liu, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Rachel Muir, RN, Nepean, ON
  • Amy Nakajima, MD, Ottawa, ON
  • Eliane Shore, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Linda Stirk, MD, Toronto, ON
  • Graeme Smith, MD, Kingston, ON
  • Vicki Van Wagner, RM, Toronto, ON