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Committee meetings

All committee meetings are by invitation only unless otherwise indicated. If you have questions regarding these events please email meetings@sogc.com.

Tuesday, November 26
 SOGC Finance committee  7:30am  3:00pm  Opus boardroom
 SOGC Executive officers  3:30pm  5:30pm  Opus boardroom

Wednesday, November 27

SOGC Board of directors 7:00am 5:00pm  Osgoode 
Thursday, November 28
 SOGC Board of directors - Strategic planning  7:00am  5:00pm  Osgoode
 PMEC in ObGyn - Annual meeting  8:00am  4:00pm  Casson
Friday, November 29
 PMEC in ObGyn - Annual meeting  8:00am  4:00pm  Casson
 Academic council  9:00am  11:00am  Opus boardroom
 Maternal mortality oversight committee  11:00am  1:00pm  Fitzgerald
 Undergraduate committee  11:00am  12:00pm  Opus boardroom
 Education and innovation committee  1:00pm  2:30pm  Opus boardroom
 Introduction to leadership for physicians  1:30pm  4:00pm  Simcoe
 Postgraduate program directors committee  2:30pm  4:00pm  Opus boardroom
 Guideline oversight management committee  3:00pm  6:00pm  Fitzgerald
Saturday, November 30
 Advanced obstetrics course planning committee  8:00am  4:00pm  York West
Cannabis and opioid use guideline working group  8:00am  4:00pm  York East