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Committee meetings

All committee meetings are by invitation only unless otherwise indicated. If you have questions regarding these events please email meetings@sogc.com.
Room assignments are subject to change

 Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6
 ALARM Committee  7:30AM  5:00PM  SOGC Office (2781 Lancaster Road)
 Sunday, June 7
 SOGC Executive officers  3:00PM  6:00PM  
 Monday, June 8
 SOGC Board of directors  7:00AM  5:00PM  Ontario room
 Tuesday, June 9
 Guideline management and oversight committee summit  7:30AM  12:00PM  
 Resident committee  8:00AM  10:00AM  
 Cannabis and opioid use working group  12:30PM  4:30PM   
 Wednesday, June 10
 Urogynaecology committee  7:00AM  8:00AM  
 JOGC Editorial board meeting  7:30AM  9:00AM  
 Promotion of the specialty committee  8:30AM  10:00AM  
 Chronic pelvic pain guideline meeting  9:30AM  11:00AM  
 Guideline management and oversight committee  12:20PM  1:20PM  
 Academic council   1:00PM  3:00PM  
 Education and innovation committee  3:00PM  5:00PM  
 JOGC reception  5:00PM  6:00PM  
 Clinical practice - Obstetrics committee  5:30PM  7:00PM  
 Choosing wisely committee  7:15PM  8:15PM  
 Thursday, June 11      
 Simulation working group  7:00AM  8:00AM  
 Clinical practice - gynaecology committee  7:30AM  9:30AM  
 Canadian gynaecology research collaboration  9:30AM  11:00AM  
 Genetics committee  9:45AM  11:15AM  
 Infectious disease committee  11:30AM  12:45PM  
 Reproductive endocrinology and infertility committee  5:30PM  6:30PM  
 Sexual health & reproductive equity (SHARE) committee  7:00PM  8:00PM  
 Friday, June 12      
 Diagnostic imaging committee  9:00AM  10:00AM